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Ergosmart Backpack from SPI®

Good evening and greetings from Switzerland.The bag arrived in the middle of last week . The child I gave it to is enchanted. Her mother as well.
DR T (Switzerland)

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SPI Ergonomics Applied

Backpacks by SPI designed for both children and adults,our backpacks protect the growing spine and promote posture improvement in children and adults-School bags that are built to last

SPI®- Spinal protection and Posture
Improvement backpacks

  • Specifically designed to fit children and young adults
  • Rigid Spinal Support that helps children adopt good posture and puts less strain on growing spines
  • "Maxi Comfort" wide U shaped shoulder straps that relive pressure on back muscles
  • The waist belt distributes the wait from the lower back onto the hip region
  • Endorsed by the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong

Why Choose the SPI® School bag?

70% of Our children are now using unsuitable bags which in the long term is a serious concern for many parents;Over 40million students worldwide carry backpacks to school, college and University Backcare - The charity for healthier backs reports that as many as 50 per cent of children are experiencing some level of back discomfort by the age of 15 as a result.

Back ache can be beaten - designed with childrens health in mind

SPI backpacks have been developed to address all the key problem areas associated with Children and carrying heavy loads in relation to safety, comfort, pain and posture, areas which most other Back packs used by kids simply do not take into account.

SPI Backpack - Benefits

The SPI bag design provides support and padding that encourages it to rest in the correct position on the back. The mounting system whilst extremely easy to use prevents undue strain being placed on the neck and shoulder muscles. The straps and the padding also help to distribute the weight evenly. The bag comes with product guides detailing proper use and loading.ESB also offers telephone support and advice.

Promotes good posture in children

SPI backpacks are designed to help to improve the posture of the wearer. The design incorporates the facility to centralise the position of books and files to help to balance the load properly. There are also neat and practical compartments inside which your child can place files and organise books according to size. They even have spaces for water bottles lunch boxes, pencil cases etc.

Protects our kids spinal health Throughout Europe

ESB sell SPI bags throughout Europe. In addition, the backpacks themselves are lightweight and the external pockets are outlined with 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material, giving greater visibility in poor light conditions. Even when they are empty, the back packs retain their shape, making them easier to load and unload and further ensuring proper distribution of the weight.

CoolBag is a Bonus

Of course we know also that in todays age, Kids require the "Cool Factor" and we believe that our products embody coolness. In repeated surveys the SPI backpack has scored highly in this regard.

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